Computer Vision Applications

Drive-by-Wire DevelopmentComputer Vision Applications ■ Machine Learning Applications

This section describes several computer vision based approaches explored with the Elegoo vehicle. This system integrates with the ROS architecture developed in the drive-by-wire section. These algorithms ultimately output a control command used to autonomously navigate the Elegoo vehicle.

Image Segmentation

This section describes the development and implementation of an image segmentation algorithm to identify and track lanes in an image. This work was inspired by the Udacity Self Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program. This work references the open-source projects of some of the students who completed the Basic Lane Detection and the Advanced Lane Detection projects.

HSV Image Segmentation

ForumlaPi Lane Detection

FormulaPi is an autonomous vehicle race series designed for people with little hardware or software experience. The league provides everyone with basic software and a common hardware platform. All of the vehicles are maintained at the FormulaPi race course, however, the teams can remotely modify and upload their software before each race.
FormulaPi Autonomous Vehicle Racing